Summer Essentials for a Lady’s Wardrobe

Summer may not be anywhere near us yet but it’s never too early to start planning for it, especially if you want that beach body you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some summer essentials that any woman will need to enjoy the sun, surf and sand!

Swimming Gear

With summer comes beach time and water play. Even if the extent of your beach experience is sunbathing under an umbrella, you still need a cute suit to wear. Swim suits come in all varieties such as one-piece, bikinis, monokinis and more. You can decide how much or less skin you want to show and then select a suit depending on your taste. In addition to a bathing suit, you will also need a swimming cap and goggles if you plan to spend time in the pool.

Shades and Shadow

Summer is notorious for being hot and sunny so you will definitely need a good pair of sunglasses or shades. Invest in something that is in keeping with your sight and has a dark lens so that you are completely protected. The glare can give you bad headaches if you do not take the necessary precautions. Another necessary accessory is a hat. The best kind is a big, floppy straw hat that will throw shade on your head, face and shoulders too but any kind of headgear is a good idea because it will prevent your hair from being burnt, your head from heating up and any stray UV rays from finding their down on us.

Airy, Fairy Clothes

Summer calls for light colours and fabrics. Cottons are always great because they are breathable fabrics and very versatile. Summer dresses usually make an appearance around this time. They are distinguished by their cheerful, often flowery, prints and strappy sleeves or no sleeves. They are also usually short. Other clothes also become minimalistic, with shorts, tank tops, T shirts and ¾ length pants becoming very popular. Colours range from pastel shades of blue, pink, green and orange to beiges and light greens.

Fancy Footwork

Summer is when the heavy shoes, clogs and scratchy pantyhose can be thrown away. Most people simply wear sandals and flip flops to account for the heat and moisture in the air, which would otherwise cause fungus in the feet. Shoes can still be worn but formal shoes often become overheated during summer and many brands introduce special shoes for the summer, designed to allow for better ventilation.

So start planning early for your summer and maybe decide on the kind of clothes, styles and types of clothing you will buy when the season rolls around. Happy summer!